Guide to VPS Providers Allowing Private Torrenting

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If you are not already aware of it, bookmark this site. is a site which has numerous VPS sales/deals that posted to it through the week, as well as having a sister site which is more of a general discussion. This is a great place to scan for sales and watch for services that “look away” from users torrenting on their cheap VPS plans.

VPS for a Seedbox

VPS plans let us install and run our own software on the server. This means we can setup ruTorrent/Deluge and use the VPS plan as a seedbox.

Why do this?

Simply put, you can get a LOT more bang for the buck off a VPS plan on sale then you will get from an actual Seedbox provider. It’s not unusual to get a 500GB drive for < $5 a month, which is totally unheard of by Seedbox providers.

Why NOT do this?

Seedbox providers are charging a premium for a reason. They are putting their necks on the line with a black market product and will generally deal with DMCA/Abuse notices on your behalf and do their best to keep your anonymity. A VPS plan does not give you this kind of security. It is still up to you to protect yourself from abuse complaints and DMCA notices by using private torrent trackers, or potentially even slapping a VPS onto your box.

Terms of Service – Read Between The Lines

4560932881_64a6bf32c3_oNobody is going to say, “Torrent here!”  … well, almost nobody. The trick is to understanding the wording on the Terms of Service / Acceptable Use Policy of VPS providers.

If they say “No Torrents!”, “No Peer to Peer!”, etc, then, move along, they mean it.

However, they often say “Nothing Illegal in the US” or “Legal Torrents Allowed”. Basically this means they’ll turn a cheek but if you get a DMCA notice, you’re toast.

Some VPS Providers Allowing Private Torrenting

Please note, this is just my best attempt at interpreting terms. I do not offer any guarantee’s that these sites will want you running rTorrent on their networks!


Ramnode has some decent storage on SSD-Cached plans. These frequently go on ~50% sale if you watch LowEndBox and LowEndTalk for deals.

Ramnode is also commonly voted as the #1 budget VPS provider in the world. Their plans are crazy fast and have amazing uptime / stability.

Torrents (Only allowed in US locations – must be limited to 20Mbps total)

BuyVM is a well respected budget VPS provider that is often mentioned on They have storage KVM plans with a good amount of storage. Watch for sales to snag these at a great price.

5,1,1) bitTorrent software must be capped to reasonable levels to avoid Network and I/O abuse.


Fliphost recently added some decent storage plans. Great price if you can snag them on sale.

Torrents are allowed as long as IO isn’t abused

April 13, 2014 @ 8:51 pm | Reply


UPDATE 07/17/2015: VPSDime has pulled their storage plan options so this is no longer a valid option.


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  1. > 500GB drive for < $5 a month

    Could you please recommend any VPS provider that offers this and also allows torrents (even with limitations)?

  2. I call heavy bullshit on this post

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